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Stream Games From PS4 To PC – Newest Improvement


If you have been longing to play PS4 games on the PC via streaming, there is an informal solution to this.

The scenario is quite simple. I want to play on the PlayStation, but everyone wants to see the news on TV. If you have another TV in the house, you could move the console. But if you have a computer and an efficient network, wouldn’t it be easier to do PS4 streaming on your PC and continue playing? The obvious answer is yes. Unfortunately, by this time, there is no solution to facilitate this operation. The situation was all the more frustrating as the Xbox One users can do the same thing for a long time using a PC or a tablet running on Windows 10.

The only official way you can stream a game from a Play Station 4 is to use a PS Vita. For now, however, there is an unofficial solution that can make games streaming from PS4 on a PC possible, created by a developer who prefers to hide behind the pseudonym Twisted. The application in question is called Remote PC Play, and the operating principle is very complex. Basically, it tricks your living room console that your PC is a remote official gaming device.

The only problem, if we can call it that, is that Remote PC Play is not a free utility. Instead, it will cost you $10. On the official blog of the developer, it clearly explains why he decided to adopt this trading system, and the reason is quite plausible. I would like to work full-time on this project, adding new features, making it more stable and carrying it on other platforms, features which I know many of you want. The only way you can do that is to charge for the application, although all my earlier projects were free and I do not want this, unfortunately is the only way that I can cover my expences. “

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