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Study Shows that Naked Mole-Rats will Survive in Low Oxygen Conditions


Not many might know this but naked mole-rats are some of the most impressive species that roams this planet. The reason these mole-rats are so impressive is because they possess the ability of outliving other rodent species by decades. For example, naked mole-rats are capable of resisting to different types of pain. However, researchers have recently found that naked mole-rats are actually capable of such more than that. This cold-blooded mammal is able of surviving for long periods of time with almost no oxygen.

Low Oxygen Condition

The researcher known as Thomas Park and his colleagues have recently found out that naked mole-rats will not be fazed by low oxygen conditions. Instead of dying in these conditions, the mole-rats will actually start releasing huge amounts of fructose into their bloodstream. The bigger amount of fructose expands the mole-rat’s survival by up to five hours.

We should mention that researches weren’t that surprised to come to the conclusion that naked mole-rats are able of surviving in low oxygen environments. For many years researches have speculated that because naked mole-rats have sticky hemoglobin in their bloodstream which will help them withstand harsh conditions. In addition, this mole species does not generate body heat which reduces the amount of oxygen used.


Thomas Park announced that he and his colleagues have started with small tests which weren’t deadly. However, these tests kept on getting harder to the point that not even humans could be able to survive them. Fortunately, naked mole-rats were able of surviving up to five hours in five percent oxygen conditions.

What’s interesting is that naked mole-rats will automatically reduce their heart and respiration rate so that their oxygen intake becomes lower. This is what forces their system to release additional amounts of fructose into their bloodstream which increases their survival by up to five hours.


Naked mole-rats use simple sugar fructose in order to supply energy to their heart and brain cells. Usually, glucose is the better option when it comes to brain cell activity but on the downside, glucose requires larger amounts of oxygen. This is where fructose comes in as the better replacement.