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Surface Book 2 Release Date with Latest Improvements


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Surface Book is the first laptop launched by Microsoft branded as Surface, previously popular only by Windows tablets. It seems that the second generation will reach the true potential of this kind of devices integrating the latest technologies available on the market. Surface Book 2 is expected in the second half of 2016 with improved performance, high resolution display and compatibility with the new USB Type-C standard.

It is rumored that Surface Book 2 will be equipped with a UHD display (3840×2160 pixels), a significant upgrade than the strange 3000×2000 resolution offered for the first generation. It could be equipped with the new generation of Intel processors, Kabyle Lake, with i5 and i7 variants, depending on customer needs or budget and with a standard USB Type-C, along with more normal USB ports. It is possible to see if an upgrade on the graphics chip, but the design could remain largely unchanged, modular design is highly appreciated by those who used the first Surface Book.

Although Surface Book was presented last autumn, along with the new Surface 4 tablets and Windows 10, it is possible that Surface Book 2 to be released in less than a year away. Rumor has it that Microsoft could prepare the launch even for June, closer to the launch of Apple Macbooks, which are expected at the WWDC event.