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Surface Pro 4, Lumia Phones, XBOX Flop – Microsoft Facing A Bad Time In Hardware


Microsoft has been a company which has been facing some exceptionally troubled times in the markets of hardware technology.

The company has time and again been known for their work in the markets of software, but off late, it has been floundering in the markets of hardware technology.

They are quite a late entrant in the markets of hardware, as competitors like Apple have been in there since ages. However better late than never, but Microsoft is having a really hard time surviving in these markets. Here’s a look at three of Microsoft’s major hardware offerings:

  1. XBOX One

Microsoft’s XBOX One has been one of the names which was expected to be quite a hit in the markets, but the device is still recovering from the setbacks it faced at launch.

Having launched some time before Sony’s PS4, the XBOX One had the advantage of time, but not of availability as its presence was limited to a very few markets upon launch while Sony went for a bigger scale.

Today, XBOX stands in at a lifetime sale of some 19 million units sold, while Sony boasts of over 40 million PS4s sold.

  1. Surface Pro 4

The latest Surface device, the Surface Pro 4, which was launched by Microsoft in October last year, was expected to do well in the markets, and Microsoft had given no numbers, but had commented saying that the sales were ‘strong’.

The surface devices have been one silver lining for Microsoft in these tough times, but that too, has been facing a hard time against the Apple devices, as per the latest reports, the Surface Pro 4 sales have been beaten by the iPad Pro sales in December.

  1. Microsoft Mobiles

There’s nothing to be said about the Microsoft Mobiles division that hasn’t been said already.

The company has been facing a really hard time in the world of mobile phones, and the Microsoft Mobiles have led to losses worth several billion dollars already.

Microsoft is actually planning to scrap the Lumia division, and replace it with surface mobiles as per various reports.

The Lumia 650 will probably be the last Lumia phone to come out, following which we would be witnessing the launch of a Surface Mobile in the month of September.

Several delays to the release of the Windows 10 update for the existing lumia phones isn’t helping their cause either.