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Surface Pro 4 Proprietors to Freeze Their Gadgets to Solve Their Issues Regarding Screen Flickering?


Several Surface Pro 4 proprietors have been whining about screen glinting issues on their tablets. A string over at Microsoft’s help discussions demonstrates that the issues have been happening for over a year, and most gadgets influenced are out of guarantee. No less than 1,600 Surface Pro 4 proprietors have encountered the screen gleaming issues.

The gleaming has all the earmarks of being a software issue, which happens after the gadget warms up amid utilize.

Apparently, if you freeze them, they will work again

A few proprietors have even begun freezing their tablets to stop the screen gleaming incidentally. Some stated that they received about 30 minutes of use for 10 minutes in the cooler. Another client posted a video demonstrating how the glimmering stops when the Surface Pro 4 is set in a cooler. The screen flashing issue is a software issue that Microsoft won’t have the capacity to settle with an update.

While Microsoft prescribes that proprietors contact their help lines, gadgets are for the most part out of guarantee when the issues begin happening. Some influenced clients have revealed paying $800 for an out-of-guarantee trade with Microsoft to settle the software issue, in spite of the fact that Microsoft’s help site records the cost for a screen substitution at $450.

About the Surface Pro 4’s issues

The Surface Pro 4 issues come a long time after Consumer Reports evacuated its “prescribe” identification from Microsoft’s whole lineup of Surface PCs in light of the fact that the equipment was observed to be less dependable than other PC brands. Microsoft experienced issues with Surface Book rest issues beforehand, and the organization needed to issue a firmware update to settle battery failures regarding the Surface Pro 3.

Can you actually fix it?

We’re not sure whether any legal action will be filed against Microsoft over some of these Surface issues, however, it would seem that influenced proprietors should supplant units or attempt to fix them. That may be less demanding said than done, however, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, and even the most recent Surface Pro got 1 and 2 points out of 10 when it comes to their reparable scale, so this actually makes them even more troublesome to repair them by yourself.