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Surface Pro 4-The Laptop of the Future, Features and Specs


Microsoft atlast understood how people use Windows devices, as we can see that the company is back on track by introducing the terrific windows 10 and some new gadgets which are making market steaming hot like anything.

As to Microsoft it was a very tough competition with apple innov

ative gadgets at an event launched by them it was such a overwhelming event by Apple which frightened Microsoft but they came up to stern expectations of the users with the launch of the new Surface Pro 4 with powerful guts, improved massive and eye catching design and a screen that user will die for.

There is no doubt when surface pro 3 was launched ,the look was never seen in history, as there is always something special about Surface Pro 3 .

If you are looking a laptop or tablet Surface Pro will fill these needs.

The overall footprints are the same with alloy material, giving Surface Pro a superior look and it is also a very light weight machine.

The Surface Pro is build to highlight all of the features of Windows 10, including Windows Hello and storage capacity is up to 1TB of storage and up to 16GB of RAM, with 12.3inch display with an 8MP camera and the best feature of Surface Pro is the classy Keyboard with backlit and it also comes with a new Microsoft Pen with 1024 sense levels and all year battery life assurance and much more, and it starts at just $899.


he Pen comes in five different colors so that the user may use it according to the situations as the tip is interchangeable.

Overall the device looks very similar to the last year’s device but comes up with larger display with some new features otherwise the look is similar.

At Microsoft event, according to the reports, Microsoft said that the new Surface Pro 4 is the thinnest and most powerful Intel core processor which is  true.

This new Surface Pro is the great buy for the users who are willing to experience a new world of Windows 10 with new features inbuilt.

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