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Surface Pro, Pro 2 and Pro 3 Models Getting Free Power Cord Exchanges From Microsoft


Users of the Microsoft Surface Pro devices were alarmed at the way the news blared of apparent risks of fire with older power cables from their devices.

There is really nothing that should really be worrying you at this stage, but it does seem like the company has taken even the slightest complaints very easily.

Some users of the Microsoft Surface Pro, Pro 2 and Pro 3 devices who have been using their systems for a long time have complained of the power cables heating up badly. This could be dangerous and overheated devices may catch fire.

No such adverse incident has been reported, but you still need to be a little cautious about it. When a general survey was made to determine the cause of the problem, it was noted that only those users who had a regular habit of folding the power cable too tightly, winding it or twisting it too much are likely to have these issues.

In fact, all the people who had been complaining of these issues were the ones to had incorrect power cable folding techniques.

Although this is not something that should really concern all Surface users in general, the company has still takes desperate measures to avert any such incidents as they want to take no chances with the security of the device. In order to meet this end, the company has decided to give people a replacement of the power cable completely.

Anyone, who has purchased the surface that has a manufacturing date of before 15 July last year would be considered for a cable replacement. This cable replacement would be completely free of cost and will not attract any charges.

No matter what the next movement is going to take by Microsoft, you can continue using the same power cable but to be very careful about the handling and not let the cable over heated. Some of the analysts said that it is a fact that electronic gadgets fails sometime. All users should wait for the next step from Microsoft.

The report says that the Microsoft Surface Pro was running as a loss project but after the summer 2014 when the third generation hit the market, day by day the number of buyers is increasing which has now reached up to 2 million.