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Sweden Considers Mobile Uses on Streets Unsafe Launches Signs on Street Sides


With mobile phones becoming more and more popular by the day, it is not a very uncommon site to see a pedestrian walking down the street with the mobile phone in his hand. This happens to be a really dangerous situation for any Pedestrian.

Anything can happen to these people. They can meet with a serious accident and can also cause disabilities for the rest of their life, not to mention the problems that would be caused to people around them.

There are hundreds of deaths across the globe every day out of which ok good number of deaths are caused by the use of Internet enabled phones on the streets.

Uses seems to be busy looking at the screen while walking and are not necessarily aware of what is happening around them as a result of bad fate can befall them.

There could finally be a solution to these problems. In Sweden a couple of artists who had seen pedestrians getting in danger, came up with a signs that prohibits users from using a mobile phone while on the streets.

These are these are Jacob Sempler and Emil Tisman.   Sempler said that an incident of similar nature that had occurred with him and actually influenced him to prepare the sign.

When he was going to work one day a car almost killed him just because he was not a tentative on the streets and was looking at his phone constantly reading messages. This made him realise that this problem could be the cause of death of so many people across the world in car crashes on road accidents.

These signs have a man and a woman with their hands band and a phone in their hands. This makes it look like they have been looking at their phones and sending messages.

The moment the signs appeared on the streets of Sweden, there was a way of excitement over social network sites and every person in Sweden was talking about this sign system.

Sweden is not the first country to come up with this kind of solution to the problem. Previously, this issue has been addressed by Belgium in Antwerp.

Indus region special names were built where a percent could easily walk on the streets and look at his phone at the same time without causing trouble to the others.