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T-Mobile Binge On Plan Net Neutrality Issues Strike Back Yet Again


The controversial Binge On plan by T-Mobile has come under serious controversies yet again. Just back in December, the service was blamed for reduced quality in non partner sites like YouTube and people had just began seeing through the real cons of the plan.

Yet again, there has been a strike back at Binge On over the issue of Net Neutrality, the same issue that is taking a toll on the Free basics plan by Facebook in India.

Threats to the Binge On plan were posed by the posts of the Stanford Law School professor Barbara van Schewick.

The professor drew up a research thesis on the harm that Binge On was actually doing to the internet neutrality. This fifty page reports explored all the features, terms, conditions and impact of the Binge On plan on the people and on various websites over the internet.

Her report has sparked consternations about this program yet again and people are slowly being forced to reconsider their decision of making use of this plan for their phone usage.

If you have forgotten what Binge On is all about, then let us remind you. The program is about delivering videos from various sites to the people at 480P, completely free.

This means that if you are viewing videos from the partner sites at 480 P resolution, then no data usage is recorded and your monthly data plan remains unaffected.

That means that partner sites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Sling TV, ESPN, Showtime, Starz,  with the latest additions of the Amazon Video, Fox News, Univision NOW, and WWE Network to the list, will not be chargeable of you are making a compromise on quality. Sounds good but this is not what everyone feels about the plan.

Authorities are of the view that the principles of Net neutrality are seriously breached here. As per the FCC, the companies are not allowed to provide special rights to any websites at all and all should be treated as equal.

Binge On is attacking the non partner sites – it is helping sites that make more payment to it after becoming a partner site lead faster and have a better response than other.

As usual, T-Mobile is not very open about making comments, but seems like the plan is nearing its end.