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Tech News Worth Talking About for Gamers in 2018?


All too quickly, we as the tech-savvy gaming consumer buys into a lifestyle that is rife with only state-of-the-art, the latest-and-the-greatest type of lavish operations, which no doubt is only achievable by employing the very latest in tech innovations. Right? Right!

So too do all reputable, top-quality brands, in almost any sector, also lead with the premise of wanting to only employ the top and best practices and most effective mode of tech-advancements. To ensure that the specific brand in question remains top-of-mind and ahead-of-the-curve, at the same time as being able to service the consumers needs 100 percent – all these top-level types of decisions are needing to be made and adhered to from start to finish.

So, this is precisely why we have this quick round-up on the tech news that 2018 is all abuzz about, that we believe all gamers should be interested in hearing about as well (if they are not with their finger on the pulse of the trend surge, as well, that is).

Tech advancements that are ever important to wrap one’s head around (a gamers head indeed), especially right now in 2018 is as follows:

  1. Virtual Reality Gaming

This type of gaming is indeed a much-talked-about inception, that is fast becoming more than just a conceptualised idea. More and more gaming developers are reaching quantitative and qualitative validated experiments, trials and tests with increasingly positive results, alluding to a soon-to-be reality for mass consumption worldwide. For now, this type of gaming is still quite expensive, and therefore holds a niche target market.

Once the tools needed to ensure a smooth VR gaming experience is easily accessible and readily available to consumers on a mass level, only then will this type of VR gaming be the answer to a new found way of gameplay.

  1. Augmented Reality Gaming

These days, although VR gaming is on the come up, the augmented reality type of gameplay is a welcome amalgamation of normalized gameplay, that is augmented via the environment depicted by the game. Hence further resulting in the gamers’ reality being augmented accordingly.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes just a couple of words paint a whole slew of pictures, images and concepts – so hence, the two words: Pokemon Go! Will probably convey just perfectly, in the correct amount of imagery what an AR type of gameplay actually refers to. The sheer popularity of this (one of the first augmented reality games made available for mass consumption) is just one case study that we can use in the defense of AR gaming, and how the world is just not ready for the type of popularity to ensue.

  1. SSL Encryption Technology

Not so much a new innovation, but still rather pivotal and important in an ever-increasingly technological-dependent world and society, in almost all sectors, an up-to-date and current SSL encrypted tech in terms of transferring important data to and from a web browser and the brand’s web server is by far one of the more important endeavours within an online environment.

Important for most any brand in any industry and sector, as mentioned, os the need to remain on the cusp and to be able to offer meaningful security and also be able to guarantee one’s info (sensitive and confidential info included) is kept integral, sensitive and confidential is indeed pivotal. Top-notch gaming sites, the likes of Google Play Store, Party Casino gaming site, Banking Portals, and even the impenetrable Apple iStore will no doubt have its top priority in ensuring all transactions between server and browser are performed optimally and most effectively.

Yes, we know – a rather small and diminutive list of trends that gamers the world over just can’t stop talking about – however, it is indeed these three topics as mentioned above that is all the rage still, and we’re already almost half-way through this 2018 year.

More great trends to come and go, we’re sure, but still to remain on the top trends lists for the next few years to come.