Home Technology Tesla Model 3 Is Now Available To Purchase With Incredible Features

Tesla Model 3 Is Now Available To Purchase With Incredible Features


One of the most anticipated vehicles of this century was delivered on 28 July to the first 30 lucky people. Along with the first vehicles, Elon Musk presented all the details concerning the Tesla Model 3 at their headquarters.

The good news is that the vehicle will also be available to purchase for everyone without pre-ordering.

There are two options when it comes to this model: a standard version and a bigger and faster one. The standard Tesla Model 3 has 220 miles range, can hit 60 miles/h in 5.6s and has a top speed of 130MPH. The other version has a larger battery and can get to 60 miles/h in 5.1s, with a top speed of 140MPH.

The car features a 15 inch touchscreen which looks like a TV and has all the important functions of the car. The interior design is minimalist, has cloth upholstery, voice controls, backup camera, climate control with a dual-zone, Wi-Fi connectivity and two USB ports.

If you want to add upgrades, Tesla Model 3 can get a bigger battery pack, 19 inch wheels and different paint colors.

There are also some expensive features like an enhanced Autopilot – which can be found in the second generation Tesla Model S vehicles, at the price of $ 5,000. The upgrade can be done whenever you want, as it already has installed the hardware that would support subsequent upgrades. Another addition is the Self Driving software that would be another $ 3.000 and available as soon as the law will permit it.

By the end of the year, Tesla will have made 20.000 cars every month with the production which started this month. Musk announced that if someone were to buy a Tesla Model 3 at that exact time, they will have their car at the end of 2018, considering that the company has already 400.000 preorders for the Tesla Model 3.