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Tesla Model S Has Been Driven 670 Miles with Only One Charge


On 4 August, in Italy, a Tesla club made an announcement that they’re achieved a new record: they drove the Tesla Model S 100D for 670 miles with only one charge.

The owners of the Tesla Model S 100D tweeted this record on 4 August adding a photo of the car display and explaining what it meant. They charged their Tesla Model S 100 D a single time and it ran for 669.83 miles (1078 km), setting a record.

If we’re to take into account the display which was photographed, the Model S would have used 98.4 kWh energy for 670 miles, doubling the distance which the Model S is said to run, because the Tesla Model S 100 D uses 300 wh/mile.

Congratulations Were in Order

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO responded in a tweet by congratulating the Italian Tesla owners and announced it as a new record for their electric cars.

But one bad news is that this record has been set by using hypermiling. The Model S was indeed drove for that much distance after one single charge, but calculations show that in order to get to a record distance, the car must be driven at 23 miles/hour for 29 hours.

The record is exciting news, showing us how much effect it can be if you want to focus on this aspect. Tesla has an official range of energy for the Tesla Model S which has a 100D battery and is very low in comparison with the record set in Italy.

The city range goes to 331.1 miles, on highway it goes to 337.2 miles and both combined result in 335 miles, half of the Italian owners’ record. The last record before the one in Italy was set by Joeri Cools and Steven Peeters in Belgium, getting 560 miles in one charge.