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Tesla Solar Roofs – Technology, Prices And Benefits


For those of you who are fans of solar roofs or of the Tesla brand, there is good news. The Tesla solar roofs are cheaper than normal ones with nearly 20%. The company has announced that its photovoltaic tiles come for a price of 21.85$ per square foot.

Tesla solar roofs

Tesla’s solar roofs are the perfect replacement for your traditional roof. They are made of glass layers on top of a photovoltaic substrate, ensuring a traditional roof look, but offering so much more.

The styles available for pre orders are smooth gray tiles and textured black ones. For those who are fans of the Tuscan and slate tiles, these will become available in 2018. The process of instating this kind of solar tiles takes between 5 to 7 days and the company does it by itself without any extra help needed.

Benefits of solar rooftops

Besides its cheaper price and “authentic” look, the Tesla Solar roofs are much stronger and resistant during thunderstorms and high winds. Their material is very sturdy.

Those who decide to purchase Tesla’s solar roof will receive as a bonus the Powerwall 2.0. Powerwall 2.0 is a battery storage device which comes with a built in inverter and it is connected to your house’s electrical system. This battery will allow your house to function on its own. The price of 6,500 $ is high but in time it will help owners save up thousands of dollars. It is that kind of investment which saves money in time.

The solar rooftop will save energy and it has a beautiful design. The energy the system collects during daytime can be used anytime and the glass solar tiles are made of such good quality that the Tesla Company offers an infinite guarantee.