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Tesla’s Model 3 Was Already Preordered By 253,000 People


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Tesla has unveiled its Model 3 electric car in March and it started taking preorders a few days ago, but the vehicle won’t be released sooner than 2017. It seems that $35,000 isn’t a huge price, because over 250,000 people had enough money to spend on this upcoming car, and they even paid $1,000 deposit in order to reserve a spot in line.

Time will not pass quickly for the customers who preordered the $35,000 Model 3 and will need to wait a year until they will be able to drive it. Tesla has underestimated the potential of its electric car and wasn’t expecting so many preorders (253,000), and CEO Elon Musk said that he thought that only a quarter to a half of the total number of preorders will be registered in the first days after the announcement, and he stated that “No one at Tesla thought it would be this high before part two of the unveil”.

How far will Model 3 take you? Well, on a charge, the base model will run out of juice after 215 miles, but the car will have access to Tesla’s high-speed Supercharging network whose number will be increased from 3,600 to 7,200 in 2017. Using the Supercharger, this electric car will get an 80 percent charge in less than half an hour.

Unlike the Model S, it has two rows of seating, instead of three and it’s three-quarters the size of the previous model. However, inside will enter maximum five passengers, because there will be plenty room, while the nose benefits from the Model X treatment, making it simpler. Model 3 has also the Model X’s flush sonar sensors, and it hasn’t received the little bumps on the leading edges from the Model S.

Inside the car is a single touchscreen oriented horizontally (both the S and the X cars have large portrait units) and it shows a speedometer and warning lights. Other features borrowed from the previous vehicles are hands-off highway cruising and lane-changes.