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The Best 3 Browsers In 2018 For Speed, Safe Browsing, And Stability


Internet browsers have to offer security, stability, and speed. Nowadays, almost every browser is offering those at almost unsensible differences between one and another. However, to make it easier for you here is a short list of the best browsers for speed, safe browsing, and stability.

The best 3 browsers in 2018 for speed, safe browsing, and stability

Chrome Browser – The Fastest Browser For Years

Launched in 2008, Google Chrome is the leader among web browsers. According to the latest statistical data, it covered 54.98% of the browser market in November 2017. There is no doubt that convenient functionality and high security have brought success to this browser.

Chrome ensures it can be considered the fastest and safest browser. And it is so, indeed.

Mozilla Firefox Quantum – The Best Update For Firefox In Years

Mozilla Firefox was a great browser when it came out, back in 2002. Then, it lost some of its huge popularity, mostly due to Chrome which showed to be simpler, faster, and more reliable.

Recently, in November 2017, Mozilla update the basis of its browser to the new Quantum version.

Mozilla Firefox Quantum provides better security and privacy features, including Linux Sandboxing, tracking protection, Enhanced Control Center, and many other security features.

Opera Browser – The Most Secure Internet Browser

Opera is a renowned name in the Internet browsing industry, being on the market for 22 years, now.

In terms of speed, Opera is OK and comes with some tweaks for those users with poor Internet connections.

However, it is not working with plugins such as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, thus, you might need to install these externally to make it work with all the content on the ‘www’.

In terms of security, Opera added a privately built-in virtual private network (VPN). However, it offers VPNs in only regions, namely, in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, and Singapore.

The Bottom Line

I’ve presented you here three of the most popular browsers on the market, all of which are free and easy to install and setup for the best experience.

Despite the fact that these are the best 3 browsers in 2018 for speed, safe browsing, and stability, there are also others which serve similar purposes. Among these, mentionable is Tor Browser, in particular, which allows users to anonymously navigate the Internet.