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The Best Alternative Online Payment Solutions


We live in a fast-paced world where individuals usually need an alternative to either pay or receive money personally or commercially for services. It does not matter if the income is generated from affiliate sales or the money is received for digital services and other products, the method of paying has to be way faster than the old-fashioned checks. These alternative solutions of payment are considered methods that distance themselves from the norms and innovate the way transactions are made whatsoever.

The payment solutions are extremely various and incredibly versatile, like the PayPal service which allows the individual to receive and send money from other people and businesses. The process is pretty straightforward: the person with PayPal is paid directly in their account which is held by the payment solution provider and then they can withdraw their funds immediately and directly in their back account or ATM. For more information about these payment solutions, here are some examples for alternative payment solutions and money transfer services:

TransferWise – money transfer service

TransferWise is one of the money transfer services that defied the norms and managed to innovate the money transactions are looked at. The service disorganized the model of traditional model the banks promote and moved approximately £1 billion in 2014. If the individual wants to receive money directly in their bank account from customers abroad, then this is one of the best solutions. TransferWise saves their users over 85% of the transfer fees when money from abroad are transferred. The whole process is fast and simple: the individual has to register their account and select the amount of money they intend to transfer, as well as the place they want the money to go.

The money transfer service can match the user’s transfer amount to those that are being already transferred from their target location, so that both funds are settled into accounts. The system that is used it is commonly known as the Hawala system, which is mainly used in Asia. When the pricing system is involved, it amounts to 0.5% or 1% of fees, unless the SWIFT or USD payments are used. Even if the waiting time is a little long for SWIFT payments, the exchange rate makes up for that aspect.

Skrill Payment Solution

The Skrill Payment Solution has forgotten the days when it was pretty much unknown and now the service gained a lot more popularity and trust from their users. The service is not as popular as the famous PayPal, but there are a lot of services that do payouts and accept money via Skrill Payment Solution, the service doing digital wallets and providing card processing and other alternative payments. The digital wallet alternative is also available in more than 200 countries at the moment.

Payoneer Payment Solution

This payment solution service is a little bit uncommon and unique, because it allows the customer to make and receive global payments online. Payoneer not only has solutions for small businesses, but also for freelancers. Also, it has payout services like MasterCard, branded debit cards, local bank transfers and U.S or EU Payment Service.

Payonner is a global payment solution available in 200 countries and even if there are some limitations to withdrawals for local banks, the Payoneer card can be used to access funds and make withdrawals globally if MasterCard is accepted.

Payza Payment Solution

Yet another payment solution that makes money transfers easier than never. Payza is also available in more than 190 countries and has 21 currencies. Moreover, the services can provide not only personal services, but also business. Payza Payment Solution also allows the upload of funds via Credit Card and Bitcoin.

Paysera Payment Solution

This kind of service allows its customers to make withdrawals in WebMoney and Payza accounts and it is also cheaper than MoneyGram or Western Union, where the conversion of currency is required. Moreover, the sign up process is completely free and available for whoever has the curiosity to check the services that are offered.

WebMoney Payment Solution

This kind of payment solution is mainly used in Russia, where a wide variety of services are supported, such as: withdrawals, payments, entering into legal agreements and so on. For each transaction the customer makes, they are charged 0.8% of the payment amount and there are also maximum fees for any sort of transaction. Moreover, WebMoney deals in Russian Rubies, US Dollars and Euros.