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The Best Parcel Forwarding Services Of 2017


If you are an international shopper, then you must be familiar with some of the shipping restrictions eBay, Amazon, Best Buy or even Apple Store has. However, the restrictions do not limit to only shipment, but also payment restrictions. Some of them do not want to accept the customer’s credit card or accept only PayPal. Understanding how these services work is also important: all the individual has to do is to receive an address when they sign up with a particular service and use that address at eBay, Amazon and so on.

In order to ease that level of frustration when it comes to delivery restrictions, here are the best parcel forwarding services for the international customers.


This one is one of the most recommended parcel forwarding services; being in business for over five years. The address the customer is provided is completely free and is located in Nashua, USA, which is also a tax-free zone. Moreover, Stackry offers their customers a 45 days of storage in their main warehouse and also personal shopper services for those who are not able to make purchases online. The list of services that are provided does not end here, it is added: package consolidation, repackaging, pictures and hazmat processing and so on. What makes these services so popular is that the shipments arrive pretty much everywhere.


This service is considered one of the oldest parcel forwarding service in the United States and provide an American address located in Florida, which is tax-free because of the service’s consistency and reliability in the industry. What is different from other services is that the customer can choose from three types of accounts: the Single package with no monthly charges, Premium Plan which requires a $7 monthly fee and Premium + Mail membership with a $20 per month charge. The first package offers only 5 days of free storage, while the 30 day storage comes with the other two packages.

Vyking Ship

With this service the customer gets a free account with the address in Minnesota, USA. Vyking Ship is the only parcel forwarding service that does not come with multiple conditions to get the 180 days of free storage. Moreover, the user does not need to pay when signing up or monthly or yearly fees.

The services they provide come with quite an affordable fee where the customer can choose to have the price tags removed, security tape added, declared customs, repackaging parcels or packaging consolidation. Furthermore, the customer can be helped by a customer service representative via online chat in order to understand better their requests.


This service offers a tax-free address located in Portland, Oregon and is considered one of the best parcel forwarding services in the United States. However, they charge the storage if the customer reached more than 60 days, but the no-charge consolidation or repackaging make up for that aspect.

At the moment, USgoBuy accepts payments made via PayPal, Webmoney, Credit Cards and My E-wallet for online fees. Once the customer paid, the service processes the package and ships it.


This one is different from the others, because it offers two free addresses in the USA: one in Delaware and other in Pennsylvania. There are no monthly or yearly fees as well as free sign up. Similar to Vyking Ship, Shopfans offers online assistance for any question and problem the customer encounters.


The free address the service offers is located in Florida, USA and the customer also has a 30 day period for free storage. The assisted shopper costs the user 8% of the purchase price and also BedaBox can handle any kinds of products, ranging from toys to even cars. If the user needs help or does not understand how their dashboard works, then they can get their answers via email, phone, online chat or contact numbers.


This service is a bit new in the industry, but it slowly becomes popular. The address that they offer is in California, USA, but the customer cannot see the address until a deposit is made. PlanetExpress provides their customers two options: Free or Paid. The Free plan holds one package and does not include consolidation, while the Paid plan charges $10 a month or $50 a year.


ExpressFromUS gives two addresses in Delaware and Pennsylvania, USA and are also free. What works in the advantage of the client is that they offer free repackaging, free consolidation and a period of 60 days for free storage. However, the service has a charge for quality check, additional packaging material or pictures.


This service offers three addresses: two in the US and one in Europe. One of the US addresses is in Nevada and offers 180 of free storage, but the customer is limited to a single package and another in California; the European address is located in Austria. Their dashboard is simple and straightforward, the service also offers contact numbers for generic questions, and also has applications for iOS and Android devices as well.


With a free address in New Jersey, USA and no fees for setup or sing up, this service is quite convenient for the customers. However, what is considered a little expensive is their customs declaration fee. However, USendHome does not cater to assisted shopping, but they offer the option of testing the customer’s items.