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The Bollinger B1 Prototype Was Released As The First All-Electric Truck


We said the Bollinger B1 is amazing because it’s an electric car which has great horsepower and has an off road look about it.

The Bollinger Motors is a small American company which was founded by Robert Bollinger. The founder introduced his first vehicle, Bollinger B1, at a Manhattan Classic Car Club event.

It is a sports utility truck, all electric and can go up to 200 miles, having a design inspired by Land Rover Defender and Jeep Wrangler. It costs about $ 60,000 and wants to make you feel like you’re in an off road car while also being all electric.

The idea Robert Bollinger had when he launched his project was not to compete with electric cars but to provide a different type of vehicle for the wilderness enthusiasts. He wanted to build a multipurpose truck that runs on batteries. The vehicle will be sold with two battery packs and will have two options: a 60 kWh battery will run for about 120 miles and a 100 kWh battery will reach almost 200 miles.

At the moment there is only one vehicle, the prototype, but if it goes on the market, all EV enthusiasts will love it. The wheels can be lowered and raised by five inches, adding to 15.5 inches off the ground initial position, featuring independent hydro-pneumatic suspensions on all four wheels.

Space is a little problem regarding the Bollinger B1, but it has removable rear seats and an additional front trunk since there is no engine to occupy the space. All the batteries, motors, and electronics are under the floor, making the truck a balanced vehicle with a low center of gravity.

Other features include a radio, an AUX input and Bluetooth connectivity. The Bollinger B1 doesn’t have a touchscreen, the dashboard being analog. Robert Bollinger chose this setup because after he drove a Nissan Leaf, he became anxious while always seeing the battery levels and kept worrying.

The windows can be lowered and raised with a lever, having a lot of raw mechanical additions that make the vehicle look grittier.

The only questionable issue is that no one knows if the Bollinger B1 will stand out too soon, as the market is full of interesting and new ideas.