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The Destiny Mobile Game Rumors: What Are We Really Talking About?


Millions of people have been sucked into the world of Destiny by its rich storyline and mystifying duality of good versus bad. Indeed, the universe seems like a typical Bungie world, packed with absurdities and yet strangely based on a possible interpretation of reality. Even while it wasn’t always a financial success for Bungie, the Destiny series has allowed players to go on several adventures with their chosen guardians. Claims are swirling that Bungie is developing a smartphone version of Destiny.

Almost little is available about Bungie’s next mobile game. There are several aspects of Destiny’s content that may not be included in the next game, such as exploration, multi-player, complex combat, and distinct weapon rolls.

Bungie is working on a mobile version of Destiny, according to reports from The Game Post, various job postings, and cooperation between Bungie and NetEase in China. The smartphone game is said to be a first-person shooter (FPS), but details are few. Destiny 2 or its precursor will not be a part of the mobile IP; rather, it will be a stand-alone release. Exotic weaponry in Destiny 2 is an integral part of the game’s action, however it is unclear whether Bungie would adopt a system comparable to this in a mobile phone game.

Even though Bungie was just acquired by Playstation, the smartphone Destiny game has been in production for much more than 2 years, according to reports. In conjunction with the portable game, Bungie is said to be working on a new IP that hasn’t been revealed. For a mobile Destiny journey, it’s essential that the current emphasis on new games manifests into fresh gameplay experiences that excite gamers while also invoking memories of earlier Bungie games. But Bungie must also keep an eye on the horizon for upcoming projects like “Destiny 2 Lightfall.”

A portable Destiny game, on the other hand, may be a smart method to attract new players to the franchise.