Home News The Fidget Spinner Bug has Conquered Google

The Fidget Spinner Bug has Conquered Google


The famous research engine has used a fidget spinner as its latest outfit. Google has people going online used to discovering Easter eggs both on their Pc browsers or their smartphones.

If you enter the query “spinner” into the Google search engine, a big virtual fidget spinner will welcome you. Its color is turquoise blue and it has yellow center balls. If you click the “SPIN” button you will be spinning the instrument. If you get too dizzy, then you just manually spin it by using your laptop’s mouse or your fingers for your smartphone.

To stop the spinning, simply click on the fidget spinner. This toy seems to have gotten popular in the virtual reality as well, not only in real life. Google also allows you to transform its fidget spinner into a spinning wheel (digital, of course). The numbers of this digital spinning wheel are up to 2 to 20. The spinning speed of the wheel is slower than the digital fidget spinner toy. Why would this spinning wheel be of use to any of us? Well, maybe you have to decide a number from 0 to 20 and you just cannot decide, or you have no pen, paper and hat to do this operation manually.

It seems as if every year we have a new popular item which everyone must have. This year’s winner is the fidget spinner. It helps people focus and it supposedly annihilates your stress issues. I have not yet read testimonials but this toy supposedly helps people suffering from several conditions, from ADHD to anxiety or autism. You can find this toy in almost every store in different colors, sixes and materials. Now Google also introduces this toy into our virtual reality. In case some people remain skeptical regarding their actual use, the device does no harm.