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The Gifto (GTO) Coin and the Future of its Platform


Gifto (GTO) is a cryptocurrency and a gifting platform for creators of decentralized content.

The Gifto (GTO) Network

The protocol of this altcoin allows the creation and exchange of digital gifts, based on intelligent contracts and blockchain technology, which in turn will create a decentralized economic system, virtually led by consumers.

The most important features of the Gifto (GTO) project are

  • Personalized gifts;
  • Creation of new markets;
  • The opportunity to receive Gifto (GTO) with the activity you do on your social network;

Gifto (GTO) project was created by Andy Tian, the CEO, and founder of the Asia Innovative Group (AIG) company.

Tian brought up Gifto  (GTO) as an upgrade for the gift-giving platform, Uplive. Uplive, which has been launched in 2016, is a live streaming platform that allows content creators to stream and users to watch videos in real-time.

Uplive started in China, but now in available in more than 100 countries and massively contributed to the increase of the several billion USD live streaming industry.

Uplive was a real success as it has recorded $7 billion, on average, in monthly revenues in late 2016 and early 2017.

Gifto (GTO) involvement in the Uplive platform

The virtual-gift idea of the Uplive met the blockchain technology once the Gifto (GTO) emerged. Therefore, “by integrating these contracts into the virtual gift itself, a transaction could automatically be executed, allowing for the instant delivery of revenue share to gift creators and producers,” said Any Tian.

With Gifto (GTO), the content creators can get paid instantly via GTO tokens, instead of waiting for 30 days to get their rewards via the regular Uplive paying system.

The future plans for Gifto (GTO)

At the moment of this writing, Gifto (GTO) is trading at $0.29.

Tian believes the Gifto (GTO) is able to reach any entertainment platform and social media, including YouTube and Facebook, thinking that the GTO token will offer freedom to content creators who won’t be anymore constrained by the actual models of generating income, such as Google AdSense, for example.