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The Hottest Twitter Feud Between “Cyborg” and Tony Ferguson


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Twitter is a social media platform, often used by people to express their opinion, their disapproval with a certain issue or actions of a person. Also, plenty of word battles have been fought using Twitter.

The newest feud on this social media platform involves celebrities of the MMA world. The UFC featherweight athlete Cris “Cyborg” Justino has engaged into a twitter fight with lightweight athlete Tony Ferguson.

Who started the argument?

Tony Ferguson was the one to initiate the conflict by answering a post published by “Cyborg”, post in which he was applying a pre-workout gel. The gel is designed to draw the sweat during workout.  Ferguson responded to the post, asking the martial artist if the sweat she was complaining about is not caused by the gel, but because of steroid use.

The Brazilian 145lber tested positive for steroid in 2011 and she had her license suspended for a year as a punishment. This incident happened after a victory in Strikeforce. The U.S Anti-Doping Agency notified the UFC martial artist of a potential violation, however her suspension was removed and the Brazilian “Cyborg” was granted a retroactive therapeutic use exemption.

The UFC athlete answered Ferguson by publishing a tweet in which she showed proof of a recent test and by claiming that he is an attention seeker. After this tweet, she also tweeted a video in which Ferguson appears dead lifting in a questionable form. It seems as if she did not appreciate Ferguson’s comment and she decided to take measures as to contra-attack him.

Twitter users are now following Ferguson’s account to see if he will give a reply.

This kind of incidents are not isolated, and they show that everyone is capable of entering into a virtual fight, even if we talk about public figures, athletes, politicians, stars etc.