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The Mystery Of The Frankenstein Dinosaur Has Been Revealed


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One of the most intriguing enigmas, one of the unknown species of dinosaurs, has finally been revealed. Chilesaurus has been found 3 years ago in Chile, this is also the source which inspired the name as well.

The dinosaur skeleton, which was a little bit larger than a big dog, made it very difficult for specialists, who didn’t know in which category the dinosaur belonged. Was it a carnivore like T-Rex or an herbivore like Stegosaurus? It appears that the pre-historic animal had features similar to both types of creatures. Its head was exactly like carnivores had, but the creature’s teeth were made for eating only plants.

This discovery fills out many blanks in the world’s history. The scientists examined the skeleton for a long period of time and in the end, they reached a rather interesting conclusion. The dinosaur doesn’t belong to either of the aforementioned categories. Moreover, it seems like Chilesaurus has its own category called Ornithischia. It is also thought that it was a close relative of the Stegosaurus and other herbivore species.

Over 450 different features of the early dinosaurs were analyzed in order to have a better understanding and to place the newly –found specimen into the category it truly belonged. The category turned out to be somewhere in between the moment when a certain species had to change its diet due to various extern factors.

Matthew Baron, the author of a recent study about the new species, said that it was difficult to recognize the dinosaur as a whole because its features belonged to various types of dinosaurs.

But this is exactly what the specialists needed in order to fill in another blank in the history. A transitional creature, the missing link. Experts say that this transition happened when a change in the dinosaur’s diet was made. This was actually the fuel of the evolution.