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The New XVIDA Magnetic Charging Kit for Samsung S8


How many times have you ran out of battery and you could not find any plug to charge your phone? Our guess is many, many times. Thanks to new technology, you can charge your Samsung 8 without any of the traditional wires.

All about XVIDA chargers

XVIDA chargers are wireless and they have an extremely fast charging power, without the need of plugs and wires. It also has a magnetic locking interface so that your phone is always placed into the optimal charging position. It is extremely easy to use and all you need to do is to put your phone into the XVIDA case, then you can put it on the charging stand. An important thing to know is that while your phone smartphone is charging, you can still use it without any problems.

Features and specs of the XVIDA wireless chargers

These useful and fast wireless chargers have been made with funds from Kickstarter & Indiegogo.

The charging device has magnetic locks, which ensure the phone does not move from its necessary position while charging. It is slim and the hard case offers protection against destruction. During charging, your smartphone will be placed face down and it will be protected thanks to the raised bezel. The charging is fast and reliable.

For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, what you need to know is that it is a global crowdfunding platform, it is based in New York and its purpose is to help creative people finance their inventions and business ideas. Indiegogo is also a global crowdfunding platform with its headquarters based in San Francisco. It is one of the first platforms to help entrepreneurs finance their business ideas. Both platforms are extremely helpful for ambitious entrepreneurs.