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The Night Light Update for Google Play Books shows that Google cares about your sleep


It’s no secret that everyone read his favorite books before sleeping. As we expected, and Google knows this, after a study they have decided it’s better to sleep soundly when you are supposed to, instead of sitting up late without realizing.

The majority of readers prefer to consume literature somewhere from 8 to 10 pm, precisely before bed. Most often, people read so they can invite sleep and sleep peacefully, but unfortunately reading on a mobile screen causes the opposite effect.

The blue light emanating from the OLED and LCD screens restrain circadian cycle, which causes sleep apparition in the brain. This rhythm is based on sunlight and regulates the secretion of melatonin in the brain to induce or remove drowsiness. The blue light from the sun inhibits melatonin and it will wake you up, making you alert, focused and ready to go, while the disappearance of the blue light will return the secretion of this substance in your brain and induce sleep.

The screens of mobile phones largely mimics sunlight and will inhibit melatonin secretion. In this way, reading from a screen before bedtime will spoil the sleep state, delaying the moment you fall asleep. To eliminate this problem, Google has introduced an update for Google Play Books, which will include a feature called Nigh Light.

This will gradually reduce the blue light throughout the day, thus, at seven o’clock in the evening, it will disappear completely, and readers should be able to enjoy their favorite books without having their sleep disturbed. The screen brightness will also be reduced in order to match the new warmer colors, the app will produce so you do not stress the eyes. Night Light can be downloaded from online stores for iOS and Android, and to activate Night Light only tick the box and it will run by itself.