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The Notch May Be Removed In 2019’s iPhones


Mobile World Congress 2018 has shown that Apple is still going strong; it is leading the smartphone market. Several Android device developers seem to follow the iPhone X design philosophy on a myriad of devices, whether that is necessary or not.

However, it seems like Apple is already thinking of removing the notch on the top of the screen, and its devices that are to come in 2019 might turn out to be completely “notchless”.

The near future

A Korean news site has recently published a report based on anonymous information, from sources reportedly close to Apple, in which it is discussed the possible removal of the notch in the next generations of iPhones. This means that 2018’s models, those 3 devices we keep hearing about (an improved iPhone X, an iPhone X Plus and a budget iPhone X with an LCD screen and a smaller price) will continue to be launched with the design that was presented last year.

First ideas

For the integration of the calls speaker, the front camera and the Face ID sensors, proximity and ambiental light, one of the solutions Apple is considering is even “drilling” a hole in the OLED panel. Therefore, the screen would occupy the entire front surface of the phone, and the only spaces where nothing is displayed would be those dedicated to the front components.

Additionally, there exists the possibility for Apple to add something called “Black Matrix” in the OLED panel, which would allow for that area to be transparent in order for those components to function properly.

Going back and forth on the design

In the meanwhile, other producers such as Vivo and Essential propose the integration of the front camera within a mechanical system which could hide it. Whichever the situation, no top producer seems to be able to be pleased with the compromise solution which sacrifices part of the display.

What do you think, which would be the best going forward? We would love for you to leave your thoughts in the comment section down below! As always, stay tuned for more information on this subject.