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The places where the longevest people on the planet live


Over time, researchers have tried to find out what are the common characteristics of the oldest people in the world. If it’s about diet, with what we do day by day, with water or with a community. Buettner analyzed five regions identified as areas where longevity is predominant in his book The Blue Zones.

Okinawa, Japan

In the north of the island there are many people whose age is over 100 years old. The secret lies in the diet that includes many vegetables and tofu, but also serving small plates. Moreover, here, besides the ikigai philosophy (that has a well defined purpose of existence), life expectancy depends on the concept of moai (a group of very close friends who stands side by side for everything).

Sardinia, Italy

Nuoro Ogliastra province is famous for its elderly people who eat lots of vegetables and drink wine. Here are also very united communities that seem to have a lot of longevity, informs CSID.

Loma Linda, California

The researchers studied a group of Seventh-day Adventists who are among the longest-lived in the United States of America.

Pensinsula Nicoya, Costa Rica

Many people here are over 90 years old and enjoy a vitality that is out of the ordinary. A lot of the elderly wake up at 5.30 in the morning and deal with work on the field without great difficulty.