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The Pokémon Unite Club Membership Service Now Available – But Not Everyone Is Happy

Credit: Niantic

Players may now commit to the Pokémon Unite Club Membership program for $10 a month. One year ago, in July 2021, TiMi Studio Group + The Pokémon Company released Pokémon Unite for Nintendo Switch, encouraging fans of the iconic property to participate in a free-to-play MOBA gameplay. Afterwards, in September 2021, the game was made available on Android & iOS mobile devices, further extending its online following. Many of these efforts paid off, as proven by Pokémon Unite’s 50 million installation milestone in December.

When it comes to subscription-based smartphone and console games, Pokémon Unite didn’t have to wait long before it received a slew of subscription-related headlines. Users were first informed of the new Club Membership’s benefits in the spring of this year when the subscription service became more widely available. The subscription news was met with outrage by Pokémon Unite’s users, who expressed their doubts about the approach in light of the game’s existing high cost of micropayments in the first place.

Members of the Pokémon Club will have access to in-game bargains, special photo frames, and 40 everyday Aeos Gems, as well as weekly trials of Holowear and unify licenses for $10 a month starting May 16, 2017. When a player quits their membership, all of the following perks will be lost, according to an article on the Pokémon Support website. There are certain exceptions to this rule, including individuals who have already purchased the Holowear, the Aeos jewels as well as the Hoopa set that were given to them as a “first-time reward.”

There has been a divided reaction on social networks to the launch of Pokémon Unite Club Membership. However, there are many who believe the membership is overpriced when compared to the benefits. Nevertheless, millions of Pokémon Unite subscribers will have to determine for themselves if the monthly charge is worth the advertised price.