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The Super Mario Odyssey Complex Controls Prove to be Surprisingly Enjoyable


Nintendo is about to release the new Super Mario Odyssey and Mario enthusiasts couldn’t be more excited. However, one weak spot of the upcoming game were its complicated controls. Most players who tried the demo declared that Odyssey is more difficult than it should be, and it was too hard to control Mario’s hat, Cappy.

However, now that players had the chance to experience a 90-minute demo, things look way better than they did before and motion controls seem to be more useful than we would’ve thought.

The new demo shows just how great the new motion controls are

It appears that most skeptics were won over after the latest demo. The first demo lasted only 10 minutes so it is easy to see why players couldn’t get the entire experience.

The new demo comes with a tutorial that explains how the new tricks work and gamers soon discovered that the upcoming game comes with a large selection of movements and actions.

Motion-augmented controls are better for this game

Most players didn’t give motion-controls a chance for this game, but the new demo proved that these controls work better than more traditional one. Especially when it comes to Cappy, flicking your wrist to throw the hat feels almost natural.

Even if you use a more traditional control scheme you will still find yourself forced to use motion-activated controls. For example, if you play as a possessed Cheep-Cheep you will need to shake the controller in order to attack, and if you are playing as a frog or a Lava Bubble you will be able to jump higher if you shake your controller.

However, these controls mean that the portable version will make the game more awkward to play since you will also shake your screen.