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The TYPE-C USB and How To Use It


The successor of the micro-USB port, the Type-C port will be arriving to all mid-tier devices in 2017, and reports show that it’s quite a good upgrade and has some obvious advantages.

Faster loading times

The USB Implementers Forum had improved specifications and fixed some of the issues that affected the micro-USB.  The Type-C charges up faster and you can expect your smartphone to charge at about 15 watts. That would make it approximately five times faster than regular chargers that used the older port type. The battery will also be suffering a lot less stress thanks to the Type-C port.

Forwards and Backwards charging

An interesting change that has been added is the fact that you will now be able to use the Type-C from all sides. This can lead to some rather amusing situations, for example you will now be able to charge up your power pack with the smartphone. But in practical terms, you will be able to help charge a friends’ phone with the use of your own. All you have to do is just connect both of the devices and let the power flow from one to the other. There is a menu you can access for it via the notification that comes when they are attached.

You can use it to copy data

You will now be able to copy content from one smartphone to another at a very fast rate. It requires you to have the Marshmallow OS version for Android and the Type-C port. Android will be able to immediately detect the other device and will give you the option to share any data you wish.

This is done by opening the other device’s file explorer and the location of where you want to place the content. This application is available by default on many smartphones.