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The Web Is Hit By A Wave Of State Sponsored Attacks – Microsoft Is Next


In the dawn of a world ripped apart with hate and religious fanatic extremism, the internet has become a home ground for spawning new insurgents who have no qualms carrying out heinous acts of terrorism.

It is due to this that the governments are combing the internet out with all their might to trace the further directives that might be sent across the globe so another Paris attack, or another World Trade Center incident should never happen again.

Although this action of the state is rather commendable, the common users like you and me who are supposedly not connected to any such ‘anti social network’ come under severe scrutiny as well, their private lives taken apart piece by piece and carefully sifted through to prove their innocence.

In order to make this process less painful, the various networks that get a hint of a probable attack that is backed by the state, will generally inform their users to brace themselves for the impact.

The trend started with Google back in 2012 and was revisited in 2015 first with Twitter, then Google again and now finally Microsoft, who is all set to warn its users about such attacks.

Users of Microsoft, who own Microsoft accounts for its various services, particularly One drive and outlook mail would be the front liners to this attack.

Microsoft Vice President Scott Charney was quick to inform users of the impending danger.

Through a blog post, the company informed the users that they were to be very alert if they received notifications, not because the account was hacked, but because the account could be under observation by the government.

He also mentioned that common users would have troubles understanding if they were under attack because the ethical hackers would not really tamper with the password or make it evident that they had been there, because they are rather ‘sophisticated’ in the way they attack users.

There had been a ruckus on such an issue back in 2011, when the users of China were able to make out that there was a security breach in their hotmail accounts.

Proper scrutiny had further revealed that the Chinese government was behind this and Microsoft had known it all along, but never thought it was important to inform the users.

This time, it does not want to keep users uninformed, but will never tell users when or how the attack will be carried out!

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