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Theresa May’s Brexit Offer under Consideration by EU Leaders


Everyone remembers the sociopolitical fiasco named Brexit, where UK citizens voted to have Great Britain leave the European Union although they had no idea what that actually meant. In fact, most of the people that voted were bigots that wanted refugees and immigrants to be banned forever, and though that’s what Brexit meant. When someone explained to them what it actually consisted of, many had serious second thoughts about their votes.

But alas, Brexit will still happen, even though many of the people that voted for it don’t think it’s such a good idea anymore. Britain’s prime-minister Theresa May gave a statement in front of the EU board of leaders this Thursday, her first official discourse on the issue since the approval of the Brexit process and plan.

May offered foreign citizens living on UK territories what she considers ‘a fair deal’, namely that all the 3 million of them that have been living on UK grounds prior to the rupture will not get deported. This all happened in the 10 minutes that May spoke at a Brussels summit dinner, and many of her peers were skeptical on the issue, to say the least. Still, EU leaders are currently considering her offer.

Still, UK statements on the issue remain as vague as ever. Although the entire Brexit shenanigan is described as a clear official process and UK officials are trying to explain what will happen, the future still feels uncertain. The implications that Brexit will have on both Great Britain and the rest of Europe are many, and nobody seems to want to discuss them appropriately. The truth is that the world as we know it is changing, and things aren’t too promising right now. And Theresa May seems the most poorly chosen person to lead this choice.