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These New PS5 Colors Are Blowing Up On The Internet


This month, Sony’s PlayStation 5 console skins will finally be accessible for purchase after months of speculation. Cosmic Red; Midnight Black; Starlight Blue & Galactic Purple, as well as Nova Pink, were the newest arrivals to the PS5 faceplate coloring possibilities when they were first showed off in December 2021. Certain stores and the PlayStation Director shop began selling the Cosmic Red & Midnight Black paint variations early this year, each for $54.99.

This year’s PlayStation 5 reveal was followed by a flurry of speculation about what it might look like. A few hours after the PS5’s unveiling, gamers started speculating about whether or not Sony will offer custom faceplates. As a result of Sony’s lack of response, third-party designers and sellers have been able to make and sell their own unauthorized PS5 device covers. The market may finally pick whether it likes to pay third-party producers or Sony for some of its multicolored PlayStation 5 cosmetic needs after some few hard-fought judicial fights.

The Starlight Blue & Galactic Purple, but also Nova Pink PlayStation 5 console skins will be ready for sale in June. As per the PlayStation Blog, users in the USA, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, as well as Luxembourg will be able to acquire priority access via PlayStation Direct beginning June 17. As of this posting, Sony has yet to announce when its partner companies will start selling the PS5 console cases.

With five different unit covers available by the middle of June, PS5 customers will be able to customize their system to their heart’s content. Surely, gamers will soon question when Sony intends to release the next round of color variations, particularly since colors such as blue, green, and original PlayStation grey are currently unaccounted for.