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This Is Why iPads Are Becoming More Popular


This week, the well-known company, Apple, made known to the public its financial results for the first time in three years.  What drew the attention was the drop in the company’s tablet sales, since in 2014 set the record for 18.6 million iPads sold and now there are only 10.7 million iPads sold all around the world.

iPad (fifth generation)

Most people are familiar with the fifth generation of iPad and they also know that this model is one of the cheapest tablets Apple has ever released up to this point. The iPad started to appear in stores in March with a price of only $329, which is incomparable since it is a full-size iPad with a lot of performance at this price. However, the majority of people do not buy Apple tablets for their performance, even though the consumers can do all their work on the iPad, they use it for common things like checking the email, everyday web browsing, and social media. Being equipped with an A9 processor, the iPad is quite a capable device that is able to run these tasks smoothly.

iPad Pro

Nonetheless, the iPad Pro is living up to its name, mostly because it is a versatile tablet that will satisfy both new customers and those who want to upgrade their product from previous models. Another factor that influenced the sales for the iPad Pro is the size increase, even though it did not satisfy those who hoped for a higher-resolution display. A bigger screen is a tremendous advantage for the users because it offers not only a more viewable area but also a larger control surface.

iPad mini

One of the least preferred versions of the iPad series is the iPad mini, mainly because the screen size is quite small. However, Apple is still selling this version despite the fact that it is more expensive than the iPad (fifth generation) and significantly less powerful.