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Three Tips To Improve Your Fitness Band Experience


Fitness trackers seem to be the latest trend right and everyone is acquiring one either for them or as Christmas present for a loved one. These gadgets can be used to track fitness activities such as distance ran or cardiovascular activity and this can come in quite useful because users can now how much harder they need to push themselves to achieve their goal, but losing weight doesn’t become any easier. Today we will go over a few key tips that can help you improve your fitness tracker experience.


The fact that users can connect fitness bands with different apps is what makes the gadgets so popular. Every fitness band comes with its own app but the app market is filled with different health apps that can significantly change your lifestyle. One of the most popular apps is MapMyRun which does exactly what its name implies, another great one is MedHelp which tracks the user’s sleep pattern and health condition.


As mentioned before, all fitness trackers ship with a specific smartphone app which users can then use it to calibrate their device. Creating a personal profile that’s filled with important data such as height, weight, age and goal will help the tracker to give more accurate information such as the amount of calories burned.

Dominant Wrist

Traditionally, people wear their watches on their non-dominant wrist and this is the way fitness trackers should also be worn. The reasoning behind that is that people tend to move their predominant hand a lot more and that will lead the tracker to provide inflated step count reports.


  1. You used a picture of the Fitbit Charge HR for Fitbit Charge.

    Huge difference between the two.

  2. Do any of these trackers that use computers are compatible with Chromebook, Fitbit isn’t

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