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Tinder Introduces GIF Support, New Features


Better chatting tools are now available on Tinder, all thanks to the upgrade in the messaging experience in the mobile dating app. Amidst the flurry of changes that began to roll out 2 days ago to the iOS app and will soon release for Android, Tinder has added the option of sending a GIF to your matches.

The size of emoji in the chat is also upgraded and now you can also “like” the individual messages which you received from your match.

Arguably the most annoying thing about Tinder has finally been addressed, now you won’t need to rely on Facebook for importing photos, instead you can just upload any photo you like directly from your camera roll.

On the messaging front, Tinder has reached out to Giphy to power its new GIF sharing feature. This feature can be accessed by the new GIF button situated right next to the text input box. A list of the trending GIFs will also be shown to send it to your matches by the app. Not only the GIFs are fun, but they can also play the role of potential ice breakers between strangers, this can be a playful way of starting things off.

The option of “message liking” is also a small tweak which can be utilized to show your interest, and even you don’t know what to reply, it would express a positive sentiment.

This feature along with the larger emojis, would help conversations last longer on Tinder, this will allow users more time on texting rather than asking constantly about switching the conversation to SMS, something a lot of women are hesitant of doing ahead of meeting their matches in person. Tinder has disclosed that the average time spent on the dating app is more than an hour per day, so we can assume that it is already doing well in terms of engagement.

At last, the dating app has expanded its support for the Apple’s 3D touch feature, which will allow the users to peek and pop on web links if they are shared in the conversations on Tinder. This feature has also been rolled out for Android.

In the newly public IAC’s portfolio, Tinder has not disclosed how many users it has, but the number of users are estimated around 50 Million.

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