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Tips and Trick for Speed Up Your iPhone


iPhones are generally devices that are capable of performing quite a good number of tasks at the same time.

Excessive multitasking generally slows an iPhone down, especially if it is an older version of the phone and has a lower RAM.

Slow phones can be irritating to use, normally because they are not very responsive.

The apps also tend to run slow and if you are in a rush, it can be quite frustrating to have a slow phone.

There are tricks by which any phone can be sped up, even if it is an iPhone.

You might wonder how we could do this, especially because the phone runs on iOS which is a very closed platform.

But these small tweaks are possible and not very difficult to face.

If you have an iPhone which is terribly slow, then we can help you boost the performance of the device.

You do not have to be a very techy person to be able to boost your own iPhone.

The trick is rather simple and if you follow the instructions a little carefully as mentioned here, then it will be a cakewalk.

The trick to boost the iPhone was first posted on Twitter by a developer named Zachary Drayer.

This was a great move by Zach, because everyone has a right to know how they can help themselves by fixing petty issues, rather than going to an Apple store each time.

Another very simple trick was posted by Marc Forrest and this is what we will discuss.

The trick is quite easy as we said and has been in our sight, but we probably didn’t pay too much heed to it. It is hidden right in Apple’s home button and we will tell you how to get it in this post.

The first steps are to clear the unwanted files and clear internet junk. However, sometimes, even this will not work, so you will have to clean the RAM.

To clear the RAM, just unlock the screen and then keep holding down the home button till you get to see the power off option, which will be executed if you slide the screen.

Do not slide the screen. Start to press down on the home button continuously for at least four to five seconds.

The RAM will get cleared and you will see an improvement in the speed of the phone.

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