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Tips to Reduce Data Usage – Unlimited Internet Packages


All of us like to have access to the internet everywhere and this is possible with the data package provided by mobile operators. Even on unlimited data subscriptions there are a few GB of high speed data after which the speed decreases so much that the internet is practically unusable. Because it is very frustrating to be only at the middle of the month and to be unable access the Internet, we have prepared some tips to reduce data consumption.

  1. Attention to video content! In most cases video content is the main data consumer. Therefore you could cut down on funny videos from YouTube when you’re the internet included in your subscription. Viewing a video on YouTube can consume up to 50 MB, depending on its quality. Also if upload a HD video on YouTube you can consume even 200 MB. Even conferencing on Skype can consume a large amount of MB. It is therefore appropriate to think twice if it’s really so necessary to look at that cat video.
  2. Streaming music you can make a pretty big hole in the subscription data. If you listen to music from the cloud all day you could run out of data faster than you think. Souundcloud, 8track, Zonga and other services of this kind they will consume between 3 and 15 MB per song, this depending on the length and quality of the song. To avoid this, you can download some songs to the phone memory.
  3. Even games you play can consume data. Some games can consume more data than others. Usually games that do not work without an Internet connection will consume more data than others. And the games that have great graphics and require internet connection clearly will consume many MB each day.
  4. Monitor your data! And I think this is the most important advice I can give you. In Settings -> Data usage is the most important information you can use. Check which of the applications you use consumes most MB. If most data is consumed by the operating system, you should stop checking for updates when you’re on mobile data. Updates are best done via WiFi.

I hope these tips are helpful, you can reduce data consumption a lot by following them. Thus you will have internet access the whole month.