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Top 2015 Gadgets – Take a Look At This Year’s Tech


We’re rapidly approaching 2016, so it is the best time to look back and recap the most important gadgets that come onto the market in 2015.

1. Ricoh Theta – the device is actually a mini video camera which can record about 25 minutes with a panoramic view of 360 degrees at the push of a button. It is the ideal gadget for those who love live streaming, which is getting more popular social networks.

2. MOCAheart – 25 seconds it takes the device to give you a diagnosis related to heart rate, blood oxygen levels and blood pressure related information. MOCAheart has a width of just 7mm and can be synchronized with a smartphone to record and monitor data about the health of the user over time.

3. Trunkster – the best suitcase invented yet. You can charge your phone from the suitcase, it weighs itself and has a built-in GPS device, you can connect the smartphone in case your luggage was misplaced. In addition, Trunkster does not have zipper can be opened only on command through a door similar to a garage.

4. Motorola Droid Turbo 2 – the phone for those with cracked display. Through a partnership with Verizon, the largest US provider of mobile communications, Motorola has introduced its first phone with indestructible screen. The display of the phone is made of five distinct layers, each serving to absorb the shock of an incident.

5. Epson EcoTank – it takes a year before it needs to change the ink. Epson EcoTank comes with enough ink to print at least 4,000 black pages and 6,500 color pages, so it will take at least a year until it will need recharging.

6. Apple Watch – first SmartWatch that really attracted the attention of consumers. That is produced by Apple, and various innovations like Force Touch or the Taptic engine caused it to be among the most impressive “smart watches” on the electronics market.

7. Thync – device that connects to your brain and calms you down. The gadget, developed by a team of researchers and engineers experts in the field of neuroscience, is a wireless device that connects to your brain and promises to calm down using electric waves.

8. Jamstik + SmartGuitar – why not a “smart” guitar? In case you do not know how to play guitar, Jamstik + will teach you how to become a master with the help of interactive lessons.

9. McCarthy Piano – it is time for piano lessons. The intelligent device appears to be an ordinary keyboard at first glance, but only until you use it. You will see later how the keys will be lit differently to learn more quickly notes and receive audio feedback whenever you will use it.

10. Yono – within reach for every woman. Yono is like a headset that is designed to closely monitor the hormones of a woman announcing her childbearing potential.