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Top 4 Notepad++ Alternatives that Run on MacOS


Notepad++ is a feature-packed text editor that shines when it comes to writing professional documents. The text editor is also equipped with numerous features such as synchronized edits, regular expressions, syntax folding and highlights alongside many others. Things get even better though since Notepad++ also supports 27 programming languages which makes it quite versatile.

On the downside, Notepad++ is exclusive to Windows powered devices. This means that Mac users are not allowed to install and use Notepad++. However, there are some premium alternatives that can replace Notepad++ at any given time.


Just like Notepad++, TextMate offers a premium writing and editing experience that helps writers improve the quality of their product. One of TextMate’s key features allows users to search and replace any texts inside a project. In addition, TextMate can also be used to recover lost text by searching through the Clipboard.

Komodo Edit

This is one of the most popular tools in the industry and it integrates perfectly with different development environments. This makes it a great tool for develops who love to work on their projects. Moreover, Komodo Edit doesn’t ship with many text editing features, but users can download additional ones through extensions.

BBEdit 11

The previous text editors were free of charge, but this is not the case with BBEdit 11. This text editor is as good as it gets and it features a price tag of $50. While this might seem like a lot of money, BBEdit 11 is totally worth it. This text editor is packed with numerous features which focus on helping developers finish their projects faster.


This is an app that doesn’t only work on Mac OS because it’s also compatible with iPhones. Therefore, Textastic users can edit text at their leisure from either an iPhone or an iPad. The app costs $10 and it is able to do amazing things such as highlighting over 70 programming languages.