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Top 4 TubeMate Alternatives for Android


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TubeMate is the most popular app for downloading YouTube videos. However, this doesn’t mean that TubeMate is the only app that’s capable of doing this. There many other apps that are equipped with similar features and that can get the job done as well. With that said, today we are going to present the top TubeMate alternatives.


The reason why Vidmate is the first app on our list is because it’s not just an YouTube downloader, but it also enables users to download movies, TV Shows and music for free. In fact, Vidmate features millions of high-quality songs and entire albums that people can download and expand their music library without having to pay a dime.


Just like TubeMate, RealPlayer gives users the ability to watch any video they want and to download it at the same time. The feature that makes RealPlayer worthy to be presented in our top TubeMate alternatives list is the fact that it’s not limited to YouTube. RealPlayer can download videos directly to smartphones from any website.

YouTube Downloader

Just like the app’s name implies, it has been developed specially for downloading YouTube videos. The app is equipped with a simple user interface that makes it easy for anyone to pick it up and download their favorite content right from the start. Moreover, the app is also optimized to download videos at lighting fast speeds.


InsTube is another Android exclusive app that features fast download speeds. This app supports a variety of websites from where users can download content such as YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine, Vevo and many more others. The only thing that users need to do in order to download any video is to copy the URL and then just paste it in InsTube’s menu.