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Top 4 UC Browser Alternatives that Offer Faster Performances


UC Browser is a world-renowned app that’s known for offering fast, safe and stable performances. This makes UC Browser a highly desirable app, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other worthy alternatives. With that said, today we are going to check out some of the best mobile browsers which can replace UC Browser at any given day.

Vivaldi Browser

What better way to start than with Vivaldi Browser? While Vivaldi Browser might not be as popular as the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, the browser still offers a premium user experience that’s paired with tons of features. The best thing about Vivaldi Browser is the fact that is highly customizable.


Opera can usually be found sitting right behind Mozilla Firefox when it comes to popularity but fortunately, this isn’t a popularity contest. When it comes to speed and security, Opera outshines nearly all other browsers. The develops behind Opera are constantly updating the app with bug fixes and software tweaks that take its performance to the next level.


Just like UC Browser, Waterfox is a high performance browser that’s known for offering a plethora of features. The most interesting thing about Waterfox is that its been specially developed for devices that use 64-bit systems, thus making it one of the fastest browsers there is.

Yandex Browser

What’s the thing that makes browsers amazing? Is it their speed? Well, we like to think that its how simple they are to use. No one likes having to deal with endless customization settings before they can do anything and the developers who are in charge of Yandex Browser know that too well. Therefore, Yandex Browser is equipped with a special UI (user interface) that’s been designed with one purpose in mind, and that’s to make it easy for people to use it.