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Top 4 VPN Services for iOS, Windows and Android


Privacy and safety are two of the most important for any users. That is why everyone should use a good VPN service, as those manage to focus on these priorities. However, it can be hard to make the best choice when there are so many options available. That is why today we will share with you top 4 VPN services.


The best thing about this VPN service is the fact that it comes with unlimited connections. This means that you can use it for all your devices so you can protect your entire family.

This VPN works with Mac, iOS and Windows. Recently an Android client was released as well, but it would be better to wait until it is more stable before you try it out.

Windscribe also comes with a free plan with 10 GB of monthly data, but that works only with one device. If you want unlimited data on how many devices you want you can pay a subscription monthly or annually.


IPVanish is another top-notch VPN service. This one is a bit more expensive, but the price makes sense if you take a look at its features. IPVanish comes with great download speeds, and it has more than 950 VPN servers in more than 60 countries.


CyberGhost comes with clients for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android and it has plenty of interesting features. For example, you can choose to activate the VPN only when you launch certain apps.

Express VPN

This service has fast VPN servers in 94 countries, and it works for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and even some BlackBerry models. Additionally, CyberGhost has some 24/7 customer support, which can be really helpful. Nevertheless, this service only supports three simultaneous connections, which can be a drawback.


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