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Top 5 Best Gadgets of This Year


Everybody loves gadgets in today’s world, according to the reports of this year many people purchased many gadgets and returned too, but many users kept many gadgets too with them from starting year to end.

Out of these, according to the annual report there are five awesome gadgets which users are enjoying, loving and using it on daily basis, out of all the gadgets.
They are as follows:-

  • SONY a6000

The users are loving this camera, as this camera is very easy to shoot and carry, many users use this camera in their office review photography, the best lenses for this camera according to me will be 19mm and 30mm, people are frequently buying these lenses for this camera from Amazon, these lenses are superb according to the reviews, the shots are very large and easy to crop and the video capturing is very good than any other camera in this range.

  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Firstly users love to read from books, but according to the reports as soon as Amazon Kindle paperwhite was launched, the number of on line readers increased up like anything and as well as ebook readers as well, as it has many sharp features and the user can adjust its backlight too. And there are so many covers available on Amazon site which are very cheap and and long lasting.

  • iPhone 6S Plus

This is the most attractive phone of the year according to me, as it has numerous features and good and stylish looks, the feature which mainly users loved about is the Live Photos, Lumia also supports that feature but iPhone 6s plus Live photo feature is just awesome and the battery life is too good than any other smartphone.

  • Apple Watch

        Apple watch is one of the wearable which maximum users are using these days, according to the     reviews the G watch is just wastage of money, following the reports, the weather is up to date always
and is very much reliable for the notifications of iPhone, the screen sharpness and brightness is very good and adjustable, many users are waiting for its second edition also, all the users are hopping of trade-in program.

  • Windows 10

This is not the Gadget, but it’s not less than that as it has all the features which are like awesome, Cortana is the best new feature of  Windows 10. Multitasking feature is like very smooth on desktop and many other rich features which users love to work on Microsoft Windows 10 .

At the end, these five gadgets are the best as per annual reports of 2015, I would recommend you to go for these Gadgets this festival season.

What do you guys think? Do comment below we would love to hear from you .