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Top 5 Facebook Features From Last Week: Stay Updated!


Last week was quite an eventful week for Facebook, the global giant when it comes to the world of social networking. The company has been around for a good amount of time now and has been growing with every passing day. The platform has been home to several new features in the recent weeks, and thanks to their rapid development, it is almost every day that the company has been releasing some feature or the other. Let us bring you up to speed with the latest happenings, here are the top 5 Facebook features of last week:

  1. UBER integration:

Yes, you read that right! Uber has been a trend which has now Facebook Messenger Update, Uber, Facebook Messengerbecome a global phenomenon. Uber cabs have now truly become everyone’s ‘private driver’. The company has now tied up with Facebook, and users would soon be able to book a cab from the Facebook Messenger itself. They need not switch apps to book a cab.

  1. Christmas Snowflakes!

With the holiday season here, everybody’s gotten into that holiday spirit! Including Facebook. Every time you send your friends a Christmas themed sticker on chat using the Facebook Messenger, you would see snow falling on your phone for a few brief seconds.

  1. Moments

While the Moments app is not new, the company has been ‘enforcing’ it upon the users. Facebook has now stop

ped users from syncing their photos using their main app. Users need to download the moments app to perform photo sync and other similar features now.

  1. Audio Content Gets A Boost:

After boosting photos and videos, the company is now looking towards a third kind of content consumption for the users, as Facebook has introduced music stories and scroll while you play content, which allows users to consume and create more of an audio based content.

  1. Live Video Broadcasts and Collages:

Users as well as pages can now broadcast live videos from their profiles and pages. Users on the iOS have also received  an update where they can now upload ‘collages’ on their profile, which is basically a collection of pictures in a different format.