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Top 5 Photo Recovery Software


Traditionally, when someone lost some family photos they were gone forever! Fortunately, digital cameras rolled around and we can use their memory to restore lost photos. In fact, there are numerous photo recovery software that will do that for us. This is great news because people who use photo recovery software will never have to worry about losing a photo that has sentimental value. With that said, here are the best 5 photo recovery software available right now.


As the software’s name implies, it can be used to recover lost data. GetData is priced at $39.5 and while the price might scare some people away, it’s services are going to keep them there. GetData is amazing when it comes to recovering lost photos because it supports every existing camera raw format.


The first thing we need to mention about Odboso is that it excels at recovering JPG files. This is an important feature because all photos are captured in JPG format and this makes Odboso quite valuable. In addition, Odboso can be purchased at the price of $49.50.


Wondershare has been tested on HDD, SSD and SD cards, and its results are impressive. Wondershare was able to recognize all almost all camera raw formats, except one (X3F). Therefore, Wondershare is a great photo recovery software, just not for Polaroid fans because it won’t recognize the standard X3F format. Moreover, Wondershare is priced at $34.95.

Disk Doctors

Right off the bat, the best thing about Disk Doctors is that it has a 100% recovery rate on JPG files. Another great thing about this software is that it’s easy to install and the recovery stages are equipped with a simple UI that makes it faster to go through. Disc Doctors is priced at $49.97.

Card Recovery

Just like Disk Doctors, Card Recovery boasts with a 100% recovery rate on JPG files. Card Recovery is also really fast and it’s cheaper than Disk Doctors, sporting a price tag of $39.95.


  1. Neither of them worked for me 🙁 Second one even corrupted my photos. Worst ever advice on this post. I would rather ask people to resort for Stellar Phoenix or Easeus photo recovery. Much more trust able. Don’t mislead people like this!

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