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Top 5 Smartphones of 2015 – Brief Look Out


We have seen a lot of awesome phones this year, too many to count.

We kept aside many phones this year like the Galaxy S6, One M9 and LG G4 and quickly picked up different devices like the One Plus 2 and Moto G, which have numerous features, these phones were the eyecatcher and status symbol as well for the users.

But in such a tough competitive market, which one stands out to be the best? This question is very tough to answer.

There were so many new phones with new features this year that is was impossible to choose one amongst them.

The main flagships of the phones were for Microsoft it was Lumia 950 and 950XL, Apple iPhone 6S and their manufacturers also introduced many cheaper phones with great specs.

Many companies introduced cheaper phones with good features which made the customers very happy.

Out of all the phones the top 5 terrific devices in our list is as follows :-

1)  NEXUS 6P
Nexus phones have always been like a blood vessels for the latest version of Android, its features and looks were so glossy that customers had fall in love with the device .

In addition to this device is it’s camera quality and its 5.7 inch screen was just stunning and the front speakers were great too.

The latest android Marshmellow works beautifully on this Nexus6P, and this beautiful phone costs to buyers for $499.

This phone doesn’t offers us wireless charging, removable battery or expandable memory, but Nexus6P wins through it’s design, camera and price.


If we talk about the premium phones. Samsung GALAXY S6 EDGE PLUS is probably the most classy phone in the market right now.

It’s glossy metal and curved display won a lot of hearts of the consumers,and the camera is so superb, the photos come so crisp that you can’t deny a click from it.

The super fast charging ,support for Gear VR, numerous storage options and super battery life are the reasons that make Samsung galaxy edge plus a top smartphone of the year.


Blackberry was a gift for the blackberry lovers . It did an awesome job by introducing it’s first smartphone, which came in a full package with a solid qwerty keyboard .

The quad HD display is remarkable , wireless charging and has a great battery life. All because of this blackberry came under the list of best smartphone of the year.

4) iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s PLUS
The name is enough no introduction is needed here if we talk about the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus.

The camera quality as always is superb and unbeatable ecosystem.

The new features in this phone is Live photos which consumers love to fall in love.

There were many debates in regards to the battery of previous models of iPhone, but this new model beats everything the battery life is very long lasting .

An excellent fingerprint reader and a robust ecosystem features  takes the iPhone very easily under top 5.


The Moto X Pure is the pinnacle of  Motorola’s X lineup. It’s a beast of phones for just $399.

It’s the first to offer android updates so the users are loving this phone.

The bad part of this phone is lack of fingerprint scanner but on the other hand the very good part is it’s camera quality  which comes up with  21-mega pixel camera and quad HD display, fast charging features and hand free and voice control which drag this phone to the top 5 smartphones of the year 2015.

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