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Top 7 Cydia Apps to Download on Your Jailbroken iOS 11


Upgrading your iOS with some great free apps and tweaks is awesome if you’re into deep and full customization. For that, you’ll have to jailbreak your iOS, but it’s all worth it when you see how awesome these next apps and tweaks are for your iPhone.

You can find them in the Cydia App Store. Try one and see for yourself. Your iPhone or iPad will never look and feel the same, and you’re going to be very happy with your choices. Here are the most downloaded and used apps, all adding functionality and features to improve your experience and make your OS feel more fun.

  1. iCleaner Pro

This top app will clean your device while keeping all important data intact. So, you will get rid of all the cache in your iPhone or iPad and keep the device healthy with this free app. Save internal space with iCleaner Pro!

  1. CCSettings

This is a classic and famous Cydia app. With it you can change the position of the buttons and you can even remove or add others. The app is also great for customizing the control center in iOS 9.

  1. F.lux

Get this app if you treasure your eyesight. With this tweak you can adjust the color density on the screen of your device to make browsing more comfortable in both poor lighting conditions or in bright light. The app is free and it can also work on iOS 7.

  1. Camrix

In a world of multitasking and increased productivity, Camrix lets you take photos without even the need of opening the camera app. So, you can take pictures while you’re in another app. Camrix opens a screen over what you’re working on and it will show you the camera to help you take photos. You can also snap pictures with a simple gesture. This app costs $1.99 in Cydia Store.

  1. Asos

Add a pass code over the Touch ID to protect apps and anything you want to protect from other people. The app costs just $0.99, but the tweak is a great way of protecting your privacy.

  1. Confero

All your notifications will be grouped into a folder and you’ll see them arranged into a new pop-up window. This way you’ll be informed by the best secretary on your device, only for $1.50.

  1. Wallmart

This app is free and it will add some nice wallpapers on your device. They will automatically change when you unlock the device or when you’ve added a gesture for it or a specific time. And choosing wallpapers is great: they have a lot of stock images or you can just add your own photos from the phone album.