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Top 7 Most Popular New Applications in December 2015


Let’s see some of December’s picked applications.

If you used Foursquare or Yelp in the past then this app is similar, the difference is that it is trying to bring more content. If you want to go to a movie, then the application will be able to find the trailer directly in the app and will let you find out more about the film. It has a new interface design inspired from Lollipop.

Tworlds is one of the most interesting apps is available at the moment. It anonymously connects two people in different locations around the globe who are experiencing the same moment or the same sentiments. The idea is to compare images of a certain moment in your life with a stranger.

When things are get boring, waiting in the subway, or any other not so interesting moment, just open the app. It can be compared to Stumbleupon with a tint of 9Gag that has animated GIFs, funny clips, etc. But you can share the content with just a swipe left or right.

Forge can be labeled as a sketch drawing app, instead app designers tell us that it is a visual brainstorming tool that is made to support you in creating a design and it comes with several versions of the product. You can overlay multiple layers than add or removing various design accessories, elements or original design features previously drawn. Forge is not the tool that will get you a final design, or a final draft, but more like help you find the concept that fits best.

It is one of the most creative and interesting applications. You create small clips and add tags or other animated texts at a time. It is an app developed by those who designed Prezi.

The application lets you draw by hand on the iPad, in other words, it is like using the iPad as a graphics tablet, do not think it compares to the real one but if you don’t have a graphics tablet then the iPad will be of great use. It connects via WiFi or USB, but only works in sync with a Mac. The big advantage is that the app can be used with pressure-stylus for professional results.

Darkroom is a photo editing application, more advanced than the usual photo editing apps for tablet / smartphone. You can edit the selected RGB just like in Photoshop, you have an advanced history for changes, and of course has features such as: changing the contrast, light and saturation.