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Top Best Android Apps For Tablets and Smartphones in 2015


If you have a smartphone with Android operating system, there are a few utility apps and tools that can enhance the capacity of your device, make your life easier and allow you for a more comfortable use of your smartphone.

In this list wehave sorted a few apps that we use on a daily basis, including utilities, telephone, banking apps, multimedia and entertaining.

1. Facebook – it’s free and can be installed on any Android phone. It is simple and useful, quick to installs and works perfectly. I have rarely encountered problems with it. It was tested on Samsung Galaxy Express 2, Sony Xperia and LG Optimus.

2. Twitter – Just like Facebook, is a free social media and texting enthusiasts app.

3. Google Authenticator – is a very smart and useful app that helps you protect your accounts and passwords. You can integrate Dropbox, Paypal, Google and many others accounts. I recommended it.

4. Avast – Mobile Security & Antivirus – the best free antivirus that can be installed. For some features you will need to purchase a version for a fee. It is effectively and quickly removes threats.

5. WhatsApp – is the best instant communications application, with which you can send text, images, videos between friends whose numbers you have in your contacts list and have the app installed.

6. Opera – the famous web browser. Free and as powerful and useful as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

7. Mozilla Firefox – web browser. It is available for free on Google Play.

8. Google Chrome – web broser. Perhaps the best web browser for mobile phones. Built by Google same as the operating system, I recommend using it for maximum compatibility.

9. Expense Manager – the most useful budget app. With this app, monthly records of every expense and income are kept. It is divided into categories and provides rapid statistics. Unfortunately the free version does not offer expanded access to statistics and budgets, the purchase price is only $2 on Google Play.

10. Shazam – is the number one multimedia application that allows you to find the name of that song you keep hearing but have no idea who sings it. Whether you are hearing the song on the radio, TV, or just passing by some one listening to it, in seconds Shazam will tell you who plays it and what is the name of the song.

11. Clean Master – the best tool for amplifying and cleaning processes and junk files from your mobile phone. Cleans memory and processes, cleans temporary files and has an integrated antivirus.

12. AccWeather – the best widget that displays weather information.

13. Trip Advisor – the famous site where you can find reviews about your future trips is not allowed to miss from your phone.